Origins of the word ‘Bodification’

The title of my collection is ‘Bodification’ – a blend of the words ‘body’ and ‘modification’.

My initial focus for this project was body modification including piercing, scarification and other manipulation of the body. Body modification is something I have had an interest in for many years and since the start of my degree course, I was waiting for an oppurtunity to explore this with my designs. Trying to find a title for the project was very difficult but in the end, Bodification just fit.

Blending two words to create a new one was inspired by the Cut Up technique in literature, something that I had explored in my initial research inspired by the Pandrogyne Project, an extreme body modification project embarked upon by artists Genesis and Lady Jaye Breyer-P-Orridge. This cutting up and reforming of the body inspired my pieces visually; as I wanted them to appear as pieces of the body manipulated, rearranged and reformed.

A page from my portfolio showing exploration into the Cut Up method and the Pandrogyne Project

The word Bodification also describes the relationship my work has to the wearer. Each outfit is made up of the individual pieces I call Bodifiers. These pieces extend, alter and exaggerate the body. Through this process, the wearer becomes more than a body. They become Bodified.

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