Birth of the Bodifiers

After my draping experiments and beginnings of exploration creating 3D squishy body shapes, I continued developing my techniques making abstract shapes to represent the manipulation and moulding of the body.

As large amounts of stuffing was required, I did some research and found an ebay account linked to an upholsterers who sold the off cuts from foam padding by the kg. This is more environmentally conscious than buying wadding or stuffing as the foam is a waste product that would otherwise be discarded. It’s also much more economical in the volumes I needed it in than kapoc or other synthetic stuffing options. I love the different colours showing through the fabric and the texture. It’s reminiscent of cellulite patterns and the colours of fat deposits, veins and bruising found on natural bodies.

From my portfolio, some initial concepts made on photoshop for how the pieces could sit on the body and become garments.

In case you were wondering, this is what 10kg of foam looks like. By the end of my project I had used 20kg.

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